Circle Complete

Well, when starting this adventure from Oslo, I was unsure how far I’d make it.  The body and mind held up and I’m now back in Oslo some 6-7,000 kilometres later having circled thru Scandinavia. Roughly ⅓ by sea, ⅓ by bicycle and ⅓ by train & bus.


The great thing about doing all this is the experiences and learnings along the way, whether history – like the Crimean War was actually fought here – or the people you met along the way- like the road worker who  was also an Internet game moderator – or simply that the body could still take it again and again. It will also be nice to met up with the Swedish rowers when they come to Karapiro for the World Masters in the new year.

But a special nod to Steve with whom I shared a table on the Ms Lofoten, I hope we met again, as you set the bar for others to meet.


Cheers all.


Lillehammer -1994

Lillehammer, the very sound is of it is Norway- what with the Winter Olympics et al. So I had to go there and I did.

Do you realise there are 934 steps from the bottom of the ski jump to the top of it? -that is after you’ve climbed the hill. Oh well… Definitely worth it.Lillehammer

I watched kids, born after the turn of the century, fly  down the hill landing 60+ metres down the hill without effort. Back in town I evaded  50 year olds who needed walking poles to get to the next shop and bargin.

Once Again – Rain

Perhaps it was best I headed back to Kristiansand yesterday and to the Budget Hotel as today is decidedly a rain day, pretty much non stop all day. The Budget Hotel is one of the more unique places I’ve stayed. It sits literally in the middle of a car park next to the ferry terminal and train station. Not pretty but basic.    This is the view from my window.

But, it’s fine and I’d stay here again. So with not much to do, except get wet, I wandered around the centre which didn’t take too long and found a kid’s dream shop.

This is less than a ¼ of the shop.

Apparently it’s been a  wetter summer than normal. But on whole I’ve been lucky with the weather. While it has rained a fair amount, either through luck,  planning or being prepared, I haven’t suffered from rain that much. The wind though has been a bit of a bastard at times.